Sunday, November 1, 2009

Ghosts of Halloween's Past

So here's my sad sob story. I had these huge plans for my costume and I was so busy with school that I didn't have time to finish it :( And on top of that, our plans for Halloween fun kinda fell through. Next year will be better, at least it better be! Will and I have decided to throw our own Halloween Party so everyone reading this better be coming!!!! We've already started brain storming for next years fun. So, since you weren't able to see my sweet-awesome costume this year, you'll have to settle for my old costumes. Enjoy!

Me as an evil Witch! Karen and Kelly as Swedish people, and Katie as an angry clown!

This one isn't halloween, but I lovvved dressing up as a kid. That day I decided to dress up as a Russian doll. You know one of those dolls that open up and theres a smaller version of itself inside. I loved playing with those dolls. I'm totally gonna dress up as a Russian Doll next year!

Ah, the hideous teens. I was a bananna that year. That was a fun costume but really hard to walk in, especially if your racing for candy!

The trying to be cute faze of teens. I remember being soo excited for this costume. I had glitter in my hair and everything!

Oh! Who is the adorable bunny? It's me! Kelly was little red ridinghood and Karen was a granny. Haha! Maybe I'll be a granny next year. What makes Karen's costume even better is that she is missing a tooth in front, like a little old lady missing teeth! Haha!

This clown costume was the BEST! It had these huge pockets on the sides to stuff candy in. No need for a candy bag!

I still love cupcakes!

Me as Ragety Ann and Karen as a Cheerleader.