Saturday, March 28, 2009

We're full of beans....Hot dog, hot dog, hot diggity dog

For Spring Break weekend Will and I drove up north to visit my sister Karen, Mike, and little Nate. We had so much fun! Karen and I went shopping and we found the cutest shoes and outfits. I hadn't been shopping in forever so I had a blast! We also ate at some awesome restaurants. Carrabas, an italian place that had the best pasta ever, and Jason's Deli.

I love sandwiches and this was the best sandwhich I have ever had! The crossaunt was buttery and flakey and the turkey and ham was devine! The best part was that at the end of our meal they gave us free ice cream cones!

We had a lot of fun playing with Nate-Dog. I would throw pillows at him and he would try and hide from me. Nate also introduced us to the The Mickey Mouse Club House. On our way home, Will and I started singing "We're full of beans....Hot dog, hot dog, hot diggity dog" just like in the show. It's my new fav. song :)

For my cousin Emily's baby shower, I made her a baby blanket. I had so much fun making it, knowing that baby Steele and Emily would have some of their first baby memories with it. (I'm so glad that you love it Emily!)

The monkey and the lion were my favorite.

It turned out super cute and it matched her colors perfectly! I've used the same animal fabric before in another baby blanket I made for my friend Sarah and I loved it so much that I had to use it again.

Happy Birthday Jackson!

My Nephew Jackson turned 5 a couple months ago and he invited Will and I to his Birthday party! Notice that the cupcake hasn't been eaten but the all the frosting has! Haha! Little Boys .

I made him a Pirate Treasure Map and had him go on a scavenger hunt for the burried treasure/presents. He loved it!

One clue was hiding in the bathroom!

For his birthday I bought him Peter Pan, one of his favorite movies and two swords because he loves to sword fight. Thanks for inviting us Jack! We had an awesome time!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Pretending to be working...

So, I'm pretty bored here at work and there is seriously absolutley nothing for me to do. It's like a fight for the phone when it rings because we're all bored and I hate answering the phones! I hate looking like a lazy at work. Sometimes I do homework but I can tell that the boss doesn't like it so much because it proves to everyone I have nothing to do. Usually I'm going non-stop and have a whole bunch to do. Uh-oh, I hope we're not turning into Ashley Furniture where we all fought for the phones, pretended to look busy, and then ultimately we all got laid off! AAHHHHH!!!!! I need to look busy! Any ideas for looking busy :)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

25 RANDOM things about me

This was on my facebook but I decided to post it on my blog too!

1. I am a perfectionist when it comes to me and my projects. Everything has to be perfect and turn out exactly how I imagined it or I stop the project immediately!

2. I have a problem with starting projects and then not finishing them. This is partly due because I am a perfectionist. I have a corner in my house dedicated to my unfinished projects that didn’t turn out the way I wanted them to.

3. My biggest goal in life is to be successful and happy in whatever I do.

4. I absolutely love games. From board games, card games, hide and go seek, ping pong, and video games. Every game you can think of I probably love. I’m very competitive.

5. I love shoes. I think it’s been passed down from my grandma to my mom, to me and all my sisters. Nothing beats a new pair of shoes which sucks because I can’t really find a nice pair of shoes because stores like Dillard’s and Kohl’s hardly ever carries size 5 ½.

6. I’m afraid of the dark…..It’s super embarrassing, but I slept with a night light since I was about 14 years old! I would sleep with one now but Will keeps me safe from the Boogie man :)

7. I love chips and salsa from Macayo’s in Las Vegas. I grew up on that stuff and nothing can beat it. Next time you’re in Vegas you should check it out. They’re Mexican food is the best!

8. I was President of my Elementary School in Las Vegas. Surprise? I used to be extremely outgoing and not shy at all!

9. Because I was President of Halle Hewetson, I actually got to shake hands with Hillary Clinton when she came to our school. Not that she’s the coolest person ever to shake hands with. I shook Goofy’s hand at Disneyland and that was even more exciting!

10. I love the show So You Think You Can Dance. I wish I could dance like that!

11. I love all music. Rap, pop, screamo, rock, emo, a little bit of country, old jazz club music, big band music…Right now I like listening to the Gospel rock channel. Sounds lame but they’ve got some really good music on that station.

12. I love old Disney classics. My favorites are Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast.

13. I love flowers. If I had money to throw away, I would buy fresh flowers for myself every other day. I love how vibrant their colors are and their smell. They remind me of spring, my favorite.

14. I love to learn. I actually get super excited right before school starts in the fall after summer vacation. Sometimes I can’t sleep all night because I’m so excited.

15. Some of my pet peeves are people biting their forks when their eating, loud people in movie theaters whether laughing weird or just talking, blue tooths, people who don’t take care of your stuff when you let them borrow something and waiters/waitresses who ask how your food is tasting. This used to not bug me, but it’s starting to sound kinda cheep. The other night after the waiter asked how everything tasted Will said it would taste better if his burger had bacon. The waiter’s response, “Oh, umm… yeah…. that’s… uuuu...I’ll just bre….” And he was gone. He had no response, he just left!

16. I love new clothes and I love to dress up. I haven’t been new clothes shopping in forever and it’s killing me!

17. I’m a total penny pincher. I must get it from my grandpa or something :) The other day when I was at Target they “forgot” to give me my change back which was about 10 cents. I think it’s their new technique in getting as much money as possible from customers because they’ve done it to me about 4 times and I finally got mad and had to ask for my change.

18. I know this sounds cheesy but I’ve never been to prom or any event where you got to dress up all fancy and get your hair done in an updo. It’s my secret wish to get asked out on some romantic place where I need to get all dressed up like that.

19. I love going to the movies. Learning about other peoples lives, even if they are made up, is just super fascinating to me.

20. I have a fear that my teeth are going to fall out and I’m going to have to wear dentures!

21. Chewy things make me gag, like fatty chicken and most seafood. Any kind of Chinese food or Japanese food makes me want to RALF!

22. My favorite cartoon to watch on Saturday morning is the Mighty Bee and The Fairly Odd Parents

23. Similar to #21, unknown food makes me sick. I would love to travel and go to all of these foreign places but I can’t handle the food. Anything that isn’t American makes me sick. My stomach just can’t handle it.

24. Something that I can’t stand is people not taking their job seriously and being rude to customers. It’s like, in this economy you can’t even risk losing your lob to your own laziness and rudeness, but people are doing it more than ever!

25. I have a weird attraction to office supplies. Whenever I go to Staple or Office Depot, I see all the colorful office supplies and I’m drawn to them for some reason. Will usually has to stop me from buying unneeded paperclips, sticky notes, or pens.